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Description of Workshops    
Team Member Briefing (online only)
This hour long online training is designed for volunteers preparing to serve on a Middle States Visiting Team. We will provide a detailed overview of what you can expect before, during, and after the visit,  including your responsibilities as a team member, the visit schedule, report writing, and more.
Team Chair Update (online only)
This hour long webinar is for trained Middle States team chairs. The webinar will provide team chairs with an opportunity to interact with MSA staff, hear about recent updates to chair materials, and sharpen their skills. MSA staff will address questions from the field and share concerns from recent visits. We strongly recommend that all chairs participate in a Team Chair Update each year to ensure they remain current with MSA practices and materials.
Team Chair Training
This training is by invitation only for experienced MSA volunteers who have been recommended to take on the challenge of being a team leader, or for current chairs who need to update their training. The workshop addresses the role of the visiting team and the specific responsibilities of the team chair. Workshop participants will gain an understanding of how to conduct a pre-visit,  organize for a successful team visit, prepare effective oral and written reports, and use available support resources. The presenters will share tips, techniques and strategies garnered from their many experiences as a team chair.
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