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Becoming a Volunteer is Easy!

Do you have a passion for education?

Do you want to make a difference for students worldwide and give back to the educational community?

Join a Middle States volunteer peer review team today!

Whether your expertise is in early childhood, elementary, middle or high school, your talents are needed.

Simply ask your principal to submit your name online or contact us at

Am I qualified?
Frequently we hear, “I’d like to volunteer, but I’m not sure I’m qualified.” Here’s a brief list of qualifications for serving on an MSA team:
  • Practicing or retired educator with well developed professional knowledge and skills.
  • Available for service for three and one-half days, including evening work sessions.
  • Ability to stay overnight in the team’s lodging for three nights.
  • Personal transportation for travel to and from the school.
  • Ability to make objective observations and conclusions based on evidence presented.
  • Ability to participate in intensive work sessions and cooperate with other team members in meeting the expectations of the team.
  • Ability to use a computer and Microsoft Word to write reports.