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Team Chair Resources

The following materials will guide chairs through leading visits.

Checklist for Chair– This document will guide you through each step of a visit, from initial communications through the completion of your team report.
First Communication to School
First Communication to Team
Team Questionnaire
Second Communication to Team

Sample Visit Schedule

Sample Team Writing Assignments

Sample Agenda for Team Orientation Meeting
Expense Reimbursement Form

Resources for Virtual Visits ONLY

Onsite Guidelines for Chairs and School
Guidelines for One Day Chair Visit
Continuity of Visits plan
Template for Team Visit Schedule

Video Meeting Guidelines
Virtual Classroom Visit Guidelines
Using the Team Shared Drive

Additional Resources for the Team Visit

Professional Development Forms
Sample Oral Report
Decision-Makers Handbook (for reference only)

Team Member Materials

Team Member Guide
Standards Workbook

For Reference

Checklist for Schools Hosting a Visit (aligns with the Chair Checklist)

**Please note, your report template, sample interview questions, and all documentation submitted by the school will be a part of the Shared Drive sent to you by MSA a month before your Team Visit.