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Best Practices Resource Library

At Middle States, we are fortunate to be able to see firsthand the incredible work of member schools in preparing generations of students for a successful future. Middle States accredited schools throughout the world have developed exemplary programs in a variety of areas from music education to school counseling to science and technology.

However, we recognize that school leaders and teachers have too few opportunities to share best practices and tips for success.

That is why as part of our mission to serve as an education resource, we’ve created a Best Practices Resource Library where we will share case studies and contacts from our member schools that have earned Programs of Distinction as well as other tools so that as educators you can learn from your peers, and together we can continue to improve education worldwide.

Be sure to check back periodically as our library continues to grow!

Does your school have a best practice or other education resource to share with the Middle States network of schools? Let’s connect. Contact us at 267-284-5000 or