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Team Chair Resources

Team Chair Resources

The following materials are for use for visits in 2021-2022; these materials will guide chairs through leading visits using the new blended visit model developed in response to COVID-19.
[Checklist for Chair] – This document will guide you through each step of a blended visit, from initial communications through the completion of your team report.
[First Communication to School]
[First Communication to Team]
[Team Questionnaire]
[Second Communication to Team] 

[Guidelines for One Day Chair Visit] 

[Template for Team Visit Schedule]
[Sample Team Writing Assignments]– Designing our Future (DOF) visits
[Sample Team Writing Assignments] Excellence by Design (EBD) visits

[Sample Agenda for Team Orientation Meeting]

Virtual Logistics
[Video Meeting Guidelines]
[Virtual Classroom Visit Guidelines]
[Using the Team Shared Drive]
Additional Resources for the Team Visit

[Professional Development Forms]

[Sample Oral Report]
[Decision-Makers Handbook (for reference only)]
Team Member Materials
[Team Member Guide for Virtual Visits]
[Standards Workbook]
For Reference
[School Checklist] (aligns with the Chair Checklist)
**Please note, your report template, sample interview questions, and all documentation submitted by the school will be a part of the Shared Drive sent to you by MSA a month before your Team Visit.