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The Power of Peer Review

One of the most important aspects of the Middle States accreditation process is peer review. This is a time when a team of high qualified, professional educators- all of whom are carefully chosen and trained from our member schools- visits a school to validate its work, provide guidance for improvement and celebrate its strengths.

Members routinely tell us that participation in the Middle States peer review is one of the most valuable and professionally rewarding steps in the accreditation process- for both their home school and visiting team members.

What’s best is that our team members are dedicated volunteers who share a passion for improving education worldwide and making a difference for schools and students across the globe.

At Middle States, we believe so strongly in the power of peer review that volunteering for a visiting team is required for our schools to maintain their accreditation.

Benefits of Serving on an Accreditation Team

As most educators know, professional development is critical, and networking with peers is invaluable when it comes to professional and personal growth. Serving on a Middle States team provides educators with both- and much more:

  • Opportunities to visit a wide range of schools with diverse reaching and learning methodologies.
  • The chance to observe proven practices in action.
  • New ideas that can be taken back to the classroom and readily implemented.
  • An in-depth understanding of the accreditation proves, which can better prepare your own school for accreditation.
  • High quality profession development, as well as professional development credits, at no cost- living accommodations, meals and mileage are covered!