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Congratulations to Our Outstanding Volunteers!

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We are happy to announce the recipients of this year’s Susan K. Nicklas Outstanding Volunteer Award and F. Laird Evans Outstanding Volunteer Award. These annual awards recognize dedicated volunteers who have advanced the mission of the Middle States Association to foster continuous school improvement through accreditation so all students receive the highest quality education possible.
This year’s recipients are Teresa Corcoran-Tadley, Joseph C. Goode, Miguel A. Rosa Lugo and Paul Johnson, Ed.D.
Teresa Corcoran-Tadley – F. Laird Evans Award
Corcoran-Tadley has been donating her time and expertise to Middle States since 2006. She is a retired technology teacher for the Philadelphia Archdiocese and she has served on visiting teams for all types of schools. Always willing to take on a new challenge, Corcoran-Tadley has a unique ability to guide schools to successful goals with a sensitivity and grace that ensures schools respond, maintain their involvement in the process and find themselves in a position of growth.

Joseph C. Goode – Susan K. Nicklas Award
With over 20 years of experience in education, Goode has participated in more than 13 school visits on behalf of Middle States. He is an enthusiastic advocate for accreditation and inspires educators on his teams and in the schools to achieve their highest goals.

Paul Johnson, Ed.D. – F. Laird Evans Award
Where in the world hasn’t Johnson gone for Middle States? Over the past 18 months alone, he has volunteered for visits to Uganda, Luxembourg, Sudan, Israel, West Africa and Kenya. Johnson is the former head of school of Rabat American School in Morocco and most recently served as the interim head at the American School of Douala. He is now retired and living in Italy. He brings enthusiasm, cultural understanding and professionalism to his service with Middle States.
Miguel A. Rosa Lugo – Susan K. Nicklas Outstanding Volunteer Award
Lugo’s first experience with Middle States was as an internal coordinator for Academia Cristo Rey in Ponce, Puerto Rico in the 1980s. Since then, he has served on more than 15 visiting teams to schools across the island. He is passionate about improving education and a valued member of the Middle States team. ** Due to recent hurricanes and communication outages in Puerto Rico, we were unable to get a photo in time for publication. Our thoughts are with all of our member schools in the Caribbean during this time.Susan K. Nicklas served as the executive director of the Middle States Commissions on Secondary Schools from 2002 to 2005 and was a member of the staff since 1993. She remains a dedicated educator, who views accreditation as one of the most effective forms of evaluation available to schools.
F. Laird Evans is the former president of the Middles States Commission on Elementary Schools and an ardent supporter of school accreditation.
The awards will be presented the bi-annual Commission meeting in October. Congratulations to the award recipients and thank you to all of our dedicated volunteers who support the Middle States mission of continuous school improvement

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