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Five Ways to Promote Your Accreditation This Fall

By September 18, 2018December 30th, 2021No Comments
Accreditation is a significant achievement that should be celebrated. You can follow these tips to make sure all stakeholders, including students, parents, and the broader community, know your school is accredited.
  1. Add our brochure, “Why Accreditation? For Parents” to your registration packets and make them available in the main office, guidance departments and at Back‐to‐School nights.
  2. Contact your Accreditation Officer or the MSA‐CESS offices to arrange an Accreditation Certificate presentation ceremony. Invite students, staff, parents, civic leaders, community members and the local media to attend.
  3. Note your Middle States‐accredited status in your standard phone greeting, live and recorded.
  4. Contact local and regional media including daily and weekly newspapers, magazines for parents and families, online publications like, local education bloggers, radio and television stations to announce your new accreditation or reaccreditation. (We have a news release template you can use.) Make note of your accreditation in any other news releases you issue.
  5. Include the MSA‐CESS logo and a tagline indicating accreditation on school stationery, website, and any other published materials. Need an electronic copy of the logo? Email us at for jpeg and eps files.

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