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Forces At Play

Report Series

MSA’s “Forces At Play” report series is designed to provide education leaders with insights, leading-edge research, and tips to navigate the ever-evolving education landscape. In each report, Middle States leaders and outside experts will delve into a pressing trend in education and offer school leaders and teachers actionable strategies and guidance. 

Check back for new “Forces At Play” reports, which we release periodically. 

A Branch in the Timeline: Artificial Intelligence X Social Entrepreneurship in Education

MSA-CESS President Christian Talbot shows how AI has dialed up the need for schools to foster entrepreneurial mindsets and skills in students. Given the public purpose of education, social entrepreneurship learning is an ideal way to harness AI to benefit the common good.


Weird Questions: Artificial Intelligence in Education

In this report, MSA-CESS President Christian Talbot takes a closer look at generative AI, explains why he believes it is a force at play, and shares what we should be doing right now to ensure that students learn to use AI as a tool for good.


MSA Innovative Leaders Executive Summary

We interviewed innovative leaders from Middle States member schools around the world to learn about the biggest obstacles they face, and how they approach change in their schools. Through a series of interviews we learned what the most successful school leaders have in common. 


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