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Middle States Credential Process Supports 21st Century Skills:Readiness, Risk-Taking and Resiliency

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A very important part of college and career readiness for students in the 21st century is the in-depth acquisition of rigorous content knowledge and the ability to transfer information to solve problems in new situations. Risk-taking will be an important attribute for students to acquire as innovation and invention will become cornerstones of the new workforce in our global economy. Advantages will be given to employees who are resilient as change becomes the status quo.

The Partnership for 21st Century Skills is a national organization that advocates for 21st century readiness for every student. As the United States continues to compete in a global economy that demands innovation, P21 and its members provide tools and resources to help the U.S. education system keep up by fusing the 3Rs and 4Cs (Critical thinking and problem solving, Communication, Collaboration, and Creativity and innovation) .

21st Century Skills Credential

Middle States Credentials provide external validation of a school’s accomplishments in specific areas of expertise, enhancing a school’s prestige and promoting its reputation as a top-tier institution. Middle States’ 21st Century Credential recognizes schools with programs responding to the educational, social and economic needs of this fast-paced century. Students attain the knowledge and skills expected for continued education and entering the workforce.
Middle States credentialed programs serve as models for schools throughout the world. Schools desiring to improve their programs have the opportunity to use the Middle States Credential process to identify strengths and areas for growth. The Credential then provides the inspiration and the means for attaining a high quality program.

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