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Programs of Distinction Awarded for Music, Service Learning

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The Middle States Association Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools recently recognized Lancaster Catholic High School in Lancaster, Pa. for its Program of Distinction in Music and Waldron Mercy Academy in Merion Station, Pa. for its Program of Distinction in Service Learning.
The Music Program of Distinction recognizes schools and school systems that foster within students a deep appreciation for music as an expressive, creative art form and where music education is recognized as an essential component of the social and cultural fiber of society and the school.
“At Lancaster Catholic, we believe that music and the arts are at the core of our human experience,” said Principal Terry Klugh. “As many American schools have eliminated the opportunities offered in fine arts courses, we have broadened and designed our curriculum so there is something for each and every student, from a course on the history of rock and roll to opportunities to join one of our many accomplished performance groups. We are proud that Middle States has recognized this work by naming our music program a Program of Distinction.”
The Service Learning Program of Distinction recognizes schools that integrate community service into the total school program, including the academic curriculum, through activities involving civic responsibility and citizenship.
“At Waldron Mercy, our students address the needs of others through acts of service. They learn to serve not merely out of charity, but from a developing sense of social justice,” said Principal Nell Stetser. “We are honored to be recognized by Middle States for our commitment to service learning and are proud of our school community for living the mission of the Sisters of Mercy.”
The Middle States Programs of Distinction initiative provides external validation of an accredited school’s accomplishments in specific areas of expertise and enables schools to take accreditation to the next level.
The Programs of Distinction review process helps already accredited schools identify strengths and areas for growth and provides inspiration and recommendations for attaining a high quality program.
MSA accredited schools are eligible to apply for Program of Distinction recognition for outstanding programs in Global Literacies, World Languages, Visual Arts, Music, Early Childhood Education, Service Learning, School Counseling and STEM Education.
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