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Q & A Louis P. De Angelo, Ed.D.,Chairman, Middle States Association Commission on Elementary Schools and Middle States Board of Trustees Member

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The Superintendent of Schools and Secretary of Catholic Education for the Diocese of Wilmington, Del. discusses the benefits of Middle States’ worldwide network, the memory of his Italian grandmother and dancing.
Q. Why did you choose a career in education?
A. Great teachers inspired me to want to be a Catholic school educator and a social studies teacher. Over the past 36 years in education, I continue to encounter educators whose work I find engaging and exciting, and I remain inspired by their commitment, effort, and experiences.
Q. How long have you been involved with Middle States and why?
A. I have been fortunate to be involved with the Middle States Association for more than 25 years, as a team member, team chair, reader, member of the advisory council for domestic schools, and commissioner. In each role I have grown as an educator, and I hope my involvement has helped schools grow.
Q. What do you see as one of the main benefits of Middle States accreditation?
A. Middle States accreditation is commitment by a school to a process of continuous improvement so that students are provided quality education. As a school self-assesses and strategically plans for its future, students are the beneficiaries of this endeavor. Another benefit of MSA accreditation is the opportunity to be networked with educators throughout the world. In this way educators have access to a repository of ideas, plans, and practices all over the world.
Q. Who inspires you and why?
A. I am inspired by the memory of my grandmother – an immigrant from Italy who learned neither to read nor write in English. As a widow with three children at age 36, she created a life for her family through strong values, hard work, and faithful prayer. As I was growing up, my grandmother lived with us. She was very interested and most encouraging of my career in education, what she recognized as the gateway to a promising future. Now 20 years since her passing, my grandmother’s example and wisdom have remained with me.
Q. What is your favorite book and why? 
A. The Courage to Teach by Parker Palmer remains prominent on my bookshelf of educational resources. It encapsulates the idea that it is the identity and integrity of the teacher, not the techniques of the teacher, that lead to good teaching.
Q. What is one thing that may surprise people about you? 
A. I like to dance! Not professionally, but just for fun.

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