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Reimagining Education

By September 26, 2023No Comments

In October 2022, acclaimed author and educational strategist Michael B. Horn joined Middle States President Christian Talbot for an exclusive live virtual interview and Q&A about reimagining education. 

More than 180 educators from around the globe logged-in for the discussion centered around Horn’s game-changing ideas on education innovation as outlined in his book, From Reopen to Reinvent

In a series of related blog posts, Talbot highlighted key takeaways of Horn’s approach starting with the argument that the COVID-19 pandemic should be viewed not only as a threat, but even more so as an opportunity. Using Horn’s book as a guide, Talbot laid out the following framework for leading change in schools: 

From threat rigidity → to opportunity;

From zero sum → to positive sum;

From everything-to-everyone → to Jobs To Be Done;

From hygienic factors → to motivational factors;

From cognitive biases → to new narratives;

From waterfall planning → to discovery driven planning; and

From uneven levels of agreement → to tools of cooperation.

In his final post on the book, Talbot reminded Middle States members, as well as all educators, of the imperative to facilitate change in schools. 

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