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Before Heading to the Mountains or the Beach…..

By May 15, 2018December 18th, 2021No Comments

Message from MSA President Henry G. Cram, Ed.D

Before heading to the mountains or the beach for rest and relaxation this summer, it is time to close out the current school year and begin planning for the new one to come. Time to assess progress and plan for changes that will make next year even better.
At Middle States, we are doing exactly this. We are taking our first measure of our new Strategic Plan initiated in January, and we are examining changes we can make to increase both the value and effectiveness of the accreditation process for our members.
Over the past year we have been evaluating the efficacy of the accreditation process and researching ways we can make it better. We have found that the schools that benefit the most from going through the accreditation process encourage authentic collaboration among the community’s multiple stakeholders. They empower their faculty, students and parents by distributing leadership and by thinking systemically about how best to improve student performance.
We have learned that overcoming a school’s bureaucracy – and the teacher isolation it creates –is critical to continuous improvement and advancing student achievement.
This shift, however, requires the development of a school’s social capital, defined as collaboration toward the continuous improvement of the organization’s capacity. Research has shown that social capital is a significant variable in student performance. Developing social capital requires a heightened awareness of its importance as well as training in the skills necessary to practice it.This spring, before we head for the mountains or the beach, our team at Middle States is
exploring ways to help schools increase their social capital. We are reviewing and revising our standards and protocols to put a greater emphasis on the elements of collaboration with the goal of enhancing school improvement.

We know these changes will make the accreditation process even more effective and of greater value to all of our members, and we look forward to sharing them with you later this year.

In the meantime, have a great summer!

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