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MSA Celebrates Service

By February 3, 2021December 18th, 2021No Comments

For more than 75 years MSA has been accrediting Catholic elementary, middle, and high schools. We are proud that our member schools so clearly embody the themes of Catholic Schools Week: Faith, Excellence, and Service.

Throughout its history, Catholic education has been steadfastly committed to service, mercy, and faith. This commitment is embedded into everything they do. Successful schools purposefully and thoughtfully link real-life issues and concerns to academic skills throughout the curriculum with active participation projects. The widespread integration of service and education allows students to continually apply their learning to the benefit of others

Service is also an essential part of the Middle States ethos. Our Service Learning Program of Distinction recognizes schools that incorporate community service into the full school program, including the academic curriculum through activities involving civic responsibility and citizenship.

To learn more about our Service Learning Program of Distinction, visit our Service Learning Page.

Photos: Left: Academia San Ignacio de Loyola, San Juan, PR
             Right: St. Elizabeth School, Wilmington, DE

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